Oh Canada… (C. Gladu)

Oh Canada…
lino cut prints on paper
C. Gladu, Concordia University

This series of drawings is an exploration of Canada’s changing national identity and character as it relates to environmental stewardship. As a point of departure, these works borrow heavily from the familiar works of a number of Canadian landscape artists such as Lawren Harris and Tom Thompson, as these represent an idealized depiction of the Canadian landscape and identity. These original works of art are held as dear to many Canadians and collectors alike. That being said, we are currently in the process of devaluing the natural areas that may very well have served as a reference for these kinds of works, through the industrialization of our landscape, and, in a way, I’m imagining how art history might remember our current treatment of landscape in the search for economic growth through resource extraction. With this series, I have taken these historical images and included modern interventions on the landscape as a way of representing the impact of our hunger for natural resources, and also as a way of refreshing our national identity, which is no longer positive as it relates to the environment.

About C. Gladu: I am an interdisciplinary PhD student and artist focused on issues of identity, the environment, and political activism. Drawing from a diverse educational background in business, fine arts and design, my work often weaves together seemingly disparate elements in a way that is bold and intelligent while also being playful and narrative.

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